Born and raised in East Africa 77 years ago, I was blessed to know big open skies, wide, wild places filled with animals, nightly sounds of drums and lions, and deep skies of brilliantly sparkled stars. Nature became my sanctuary, where to this day I find solace, solitude, and peace.

Living in Greece during my young adult years, I received the bounties of clear crystalline light and transparent cerulean seas. Beauty became my muse!

Beauty has been a companion of mine since moving to the United States in my early twenties. I feel happy spending time in the wilderness, experiencing and taking photographs of detailed, stunning expressions of being. 

My fascination with words comes from studying ancient Greek. It is interesting how, by combining letters we have the ability to form words, sentences, and paragraphs to exhibit distinct ways of seeing, understanding, and the making of meaning - especially through poetry. Writing poetry enriches my joy in life.

As for art, it is a fairly recent discovery, having fun with all kinds of materials, including colored pencils, markers, aerosols, paints, pastels, images, fabric, and more. I am like a kid in a candy store marveling at the creative impulse that lies in each one of us, regardless of age.

All those loves have taken shape in a book I published on my 77th birthday. Its title is ~          Freedom in Love with Life and Light: Poetry ~ Musings ~ Art.

At this point in my life, I am content and moved by cherishing family and friends, long solo road trips, having received a Ph.D. in East-West Psychology, teaching consciousness-based courses and workshops at a few universities and spiritual centers, volunteering at several hospices, at parks, and public open spaces. Last but not least, I am content and moved by living on our beautiful and treasured planet.

My heart overflows

with a profound love for goodness

and for the way Mystery keeps unfolding my life