This body of work is a selection of poems written during the span of forty years or so. 

               I keep adding to it and making a few adjustments here and there as I go along~                          There is a dedication, favorite quotes and six chapters with their musings.                       The chapters are:  Life ~ Aloneness ~ Love ~ Natural Beauty ~ Pleasures ~ Freedom

what can one say, except ~ THANK YOU?

Freedom ~ in Love with Life and Light


 This creative process is

      definitely dedicated to

           ~ Freedom ~

                   with Deep Gratitude

                         for Its Gifts of Light and

                               Life~Affirming Love




Favorite Quotes


‘The more total you are, the deeper your relationship can be to any other human being.  Once you find that inner core of yourself, you are free.  And that leaves everyone around you free.  You are not trying to make them into anything.  You are not telling them what is best for them.  You know you do not know that.  What you are doing is receiving them fully as the human beings they are.  This is where love begins; it sees the mystery of the other and is just overwhelmed by it.’  Elizabeth

                                                                                                         The Feminine Face of God:     

                                                                             The Unfolding of the Sacred in Women

                                                                                             Sherry Ruth Anderson and Patricia Hopkins



*  *  *  *  *  *



“I leave you free to be yourself: to think your thoughts, indulge your tastes, follow your inclinations, behave in ways that you decide are to your liking.”  The moment you say that [to your beloved], you will observe one of two things: either your heart will resist those words and you will be exposed for the clinger and exploiter that you are; so now is the time to examine your false belief that without this person you cannot live or cannot be happy.  Or your heart will pronounce the words sincerely and in that very instant all control, manipulation, exploitation, possessiveness, jealousy will drop.  And you will notice something else: the person automatically ceases to be special and important to you.  And he/she becomes important the way a sunset or a symphony is lovely in itself, the way a tree is special in itself and not for the fruit or the shade that it can offer you.  Your beloved will then belong not to you but to everyone or to no one like the sunrise and the tree.

In saying those words you have set yourself free.  You are now ready to love.  For when you cling, what you offer the other is not love but a chain, by which both you and your beloved are bound.  Love can only exist in freedom.

                                             The Way to Love:  The Last Meditations of Anthony de Mello                                                                                                            



…so the truth of the matter is…


before we can give this freedom freely to others

we need to feel it in ourselves  ~  first 




     Chapter 1:  LIFE 



lockdown offerings


being on a three-month retreat 

I have been treated with a treat…


the gift of seeing clearly

I am no longer a child


no longer do I have to seek

no longer do I have to listen 


to others’ teachings of what to do and how to be

I no longer have to be present kind or real…


I Am present kind and real

I Am all there is      has ever been or      will ever be


I Am action      a celebration

          of simply Being




Living Waters

The Mississippi River Headwaters 

Lake Itasca, Minnesota



Sages of Tuesday, September 17th, 2019


the heart stood still

on this precipice of

a deep and dark                       shame ~



seen     and      accepted


with unconditional loving


~ by another ~



shame became my watershed to                                  freedom




marked the time 

         at the Heartwater's source 

                  where love's floodgates shook and shattered 


walking across the

            holy Headwaters of

                        the mighty Mississippi...


washing away

        muddy deposits 

                 of a withered self ~


…and Freedom it was...


            stepping onto those

                        shiny slippery stones



...two days after writing the first part of this poem

          all the rest came flooding in ...



      As I crossed, the humble threshold of the flowing one brought with it

      an immense power of clarity and beauty stunning the mind to stillness

      and melting this heart into meandering streams of exquisite tenderness.  


      Where do I belong in this depth of connection with the grand old river?  

      My heart warm and watery cries out to it as if it’s a close intimate beloved.  

      Who are you?  Where do you come from, my love?  What are you?




                       And so it is…


Tears flowing               like sacred rivers

         Over brimming thresholds

                  Of two new-born eyes


Carrying with them

       A cleansed open-hearted seeing...


   ~ a l l   i s   l o v i n g l y   h e l d   a s   o n e ~


the Heartwater's source 


I am that

I am




P. S.

early morning        seen        by a friend

          late afternoon        by a river






this connection to the river

has taken its own meanderings


where tears and river

flow with endless ease


winding themselves down cracks

of skin and earth


marking their own currents of

swift watery ways…





And now this…


Knowing these unbreakable bonds

            With this one river


Wanting nothing more

            Than stand here…


next to it

     in it

  with it


Feeling a palpable loving

            Through my fluid-filled body…







…used to come             and go             incessantly

without any reason



                                                                                                  And Now?



thinking                      just floating by

with no content or traces of life






…and the mind baffled

by the airy floating of



rushes through its 

creased and heavy crevices


finding only clear movement

of bright crystalline light


reflected by this friendly river

rushing over its borders

eroding everything in sight…




Elegantly so…


Yes.  Let’s talk about elegance…



Sitting on a plane looking earthwards


Only to witness this


Mighty slow flowing river


Winding itself down its curvy runs


Shimmering with blinding light



                         Filling these beaming brown eyes to the brim...




 What if?


What if what I’m feeling


            Is just this?


An endless movement of Being

            Overflowing its banks


Eternally grateful

            For being graced

                       By this majestic river


With its pouring powers 

           Running through my blood?






   …by a river and a friend ~


who would have imagined

an all-encompassing love

falling like tender benedictions

on this rackety old woman

who raises her face to the sun


          and bows deeply…








the heart of a river

            is beating to the

                        steady rhythms of your own ~


its heart         ~          your home 




 Who knows?


Walking down 

            his path of life…


Maybe you will feel

            how utterly loveable you are


Maybe you get to know

            your own sweet destiny


Meandering like a river

            to its source




And here we go…


…in an endless search for god

            when all it takes

                        is open our hearts to see


ourselves     ~    gods personified 




                            Everything our eyes rest upon ~




Where edges meet Eternity


As life unfolds…


            We slowly begin to sense


                        Our existence no longer


                                    Belongs to us






                            the river                you                and I



                           belong                to this



                           ~ ever-present pure luminous loving awareness ~






                     w e   a r e   t h a t





(A Tribute To Mary Oliver)

you've gone

     to where i'm going...


let me just sit here

       quietly         for a while


            ... and breathe ...


in my heart of hearts              i know

       you really have                      gone

                         ...no where...





our teacher once said         


   ‘the secret of life is…’


and we all held our breath

riveted by the impending

revelation of great magnitude


         and he continued


              ‘…to relax’




of course        that’s it ~


and not only                         THAT’S IT!


but all answers

to any question

that we might have


         lie right here


on this most

          extravagant notion


of simply              r












Dear.  Dear.  Me.

What else to be?

Just.  That.  Be!




loving life


…with all her inexhaustible gifts and treasures

            that feel like jewels

                        falling into my wide open lap




sparkly breathless ocean

stunning sunsets and sunrises

fall leaves and quiet mornings

high blue snowy mountains

soft summer breezes

laughs and cries that shatter the silence

dazzling snow on brazen plains

delicious lovemaking at dawn

long leisurely walks along quiet shaded paths…




             and oh! so much more ~




if I had one word

            to tuck it all in ~

it would be

                                         L  o  v  e





…try to sound

            intelligently elegant

                        and wise




            the stories

            that grab us

            and make us

            believe in

            who and what

                  we are



            kindly spoken

                        can unleash a heart

                                    from timeless bondage ~


             please tell me


what songs are you singing?

         what songs are you listening to?




yes and no


our souls are locked

in this endless web and flow

of never ending cycles of


            yes and no


YES     to     life

NO      to     life


            what is this tyranny

            that grabs us

            and takes us

            away from ourselves?


what is driving this incessant struggle of


                        yes or no?




    these two friends


      play makeshift

      hide and seek


riding the waves of life

      full of mischief




…lightly taken


they can bring

            immeasurable gifts


of sometimes            yes

            and sometimes         no




…and so it goes


that we often think we know

            and then something happens

                        and we don’t...




and this seductive dance continues


            between the known and the unknown


in the ever ceaseless motion of


            now we see it       ~       now we don’t






           fear and dread…


spiraling down to the depths

with no end in sight


            numbness overtakes me

            and the endless rehearsing

            suffocates and stutters

            the confused mind ~


...did I just say


            the confused mind

                   instead of

            my confused mind?




a ray of sunshine shatters

            this inextricable cloud

                        of madness ~


gratitude and grace pour through


finding myself







and I see

when love is present


fear takes

the back door

and like a thief

gives itself up ~




there is no fear




…but please let’s not forget…


fear comes to visit us

for a reason ~


an  unfailing companion to darkness

            it pushes us relentlessly

                                                towards the light




it’s all inclusive

            in this field of








when fear is…


f e l t                              it has no hold


u n d e r s t o o d             it has no power


s e e n                             it sets us free




the ache 


the wound

of the ever present wanting                is wide and hollow

and the hole in my heart hurts

            waiting for the healing to take hold…




…and as I stay with this

            heart breaking pain

                        tending it tenderly


I begin to feel

            a deep sense of holiness

                        right in the middle of that hole…




can that be          all it takes

            for the healing to take place…


to sit still in the midst of a pain

        and witness it whole?







           to Know           is being in the Now ~

          it’s embedded in the word itself…






Awareness does not reside

in the body, the mind or the world

the body, the mind and the world

reside in Awearness 






believing that life is hard?

we’ll be living a hard life


…it’s uncanny how Life reflects exactly that which we believe in…






we are thrust through a threshold

whether we like it or not

ready or not

t  here we go!






intention and attention

are two co~pilots

for our journey






life is not only good










       when merged fully with someone or something

we emerge whole


…we are only lost

when we get dearly attached to it all 






our own unique vitality is

vital for the fullness of a

meaningful and vibrant life






  we present the present

as a present


~ and you can also say ~


we are presented with the present

as a present


living in the present

as presence






there are no rules

as each moment is fresh and brand new






got inspiration?

go ahead

and fall over heals

in love with it


…any creative impulse

any intuitive urge

that burst through you


just do it


our world depends on it…





just begin            ~            the rest will follow





Chapter 2:  ALONENESS



I realize this ~


            I carry within me           in the depths

                          of my very own soul

      that which I yearned for           forever it seems


                      a wide~open silent space

                        providing the ground

                        for this inner longing


my body       ~      Her Altar


my heart      ~      Her Hearth




so where do we go from here?

            …where’s here anyway?


what’s that place

we call                



existence? profundity?

helplessness? bizarreness?


         what is it

that keeps us going?


what is that which makes

       our world turn?


is it Truth?

a state of mind?

or maybe nothing?


where do we go from here?




sitting and contemplating

…on this collage that I have been working on

               throughout the day

                           for this new decade of ours...                           


when it suddenly comes to life

            and illuminates its meaning ~


a cutout circle

            and its empty space


            reveal no separation

                 no distinction ~


one full           the other empty


      here and there

            rendering their meaning

                  here and there


all the while

      the fullness

            the emptiness

                  never leave each other


                        they are always t  here


sometimes empty

      and sometimes full

            and sometimes intersecting ~


                         a playfulness

            that melts my heart to tears




The Vision Quest


a pure blessing

this birthday year

of sixty two




in this desert wilderness

of my Vision Quest time ~


I have gathered myself       here

from all over it seems


with myriad experiences and loves

which grace my sweet soul




as I roam alone

on this wide and arid land


              I find


that I no longer know






…and from this tiny tent of mine

            perched high on a desert plateau

                        in the midst of majestic Colorado mountains


I see the world go by…


dark clouds passing through

            little insects buzzing around

                        lizards scurrying away

                                    ants inching along


all filling this vibrant space

            with their exquisite song   

                        of sizzling silence




hardships sometimes

            do pay off!


the bugs

            incessant companions


the weather

            capricious with heat and thunder


and the hunger

            (oh yes! the hunger) ~


four lone endless days

            with no food

                        only water

                                    to sustain this aging body…




through it all

little gems appear

scattered around

these ancient dusty trails ~


and I see 


            the sacred and the profane

               are one and the same ~



[last day of the solo]


the ritual of this fourth day

            is releasing into the sacred fire

                        my need for






and the fire

            reveals yet another gift ~


this pure tender love I feel

                        is all my own ~




as I get ready to leave

     this dear peaceful place


  I am left with only one question ~


how is the future going to look like?


                    who knows?




...I only feel a depth of stillness

          settling into my core


as another secret comes to the fore ~


  how inextricably connected I am

to everything and everybody I know




as the day comes to a close


            in quiet reverence

            I watch the sunset


            soaking in the warmth

            of the sun’s fading fleeting rays ~


as it disappears behind

these barren~peaked mountains


            I turn around to welcome

            the full moon’s golden glow




…and with great humility


            I bow deeply


                         to this singular life


                                    about to unfold…






I am all alone now


time is my own


            free to be in this

            bittersweet place


            where tears still flow

            and ease of being

            bit~by~bit grows




…and as I begin to tread lightly

      on this new path of mine


            I find myself safely


                 in the midst


        of my very own soul  




                      feeling held

in this beauty of a place           surrounded

     by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains


            listening to Taize’s

               Alleluia album


I begin to unwind

in the company of plains

and ragged edged mountains ~


        time taking its time


to reveal the meaning

of this incessant questioning of


            ‘What Is It?’


Rilke talked about this ~


in time            he said


            living one's life


            will bare its treasures


            the question that

            has haunted one

            forever it seems


            will be known in time


            in the throes of living


…a life




and as I grow older

            living this wild and wondrous~filled life


I find that the answer to               What Is It?’


          Is lovingly held          within the question itself






                        ‘What It Is!’


                                                              exactly as it is...






            ...there is this exquisite feeling of


wanting or needing


            nothing more


            nothing less


 from anyone anymore




in the beginning


this inner aloneness

felt deadly


as if all the air

was sucked out of

the little town house

I used to live in ~


I would walk

into that space

and feel that I was

entering a tomb


that’s how death

made its presence

in those lonesome days




…and each time

I stayed with this

numb and deathly feeling


where utter silence

was cloaked

with absolute dread

and limbs

frozen into place…


it began revealing


            its perimeters           

            its flavors

            its contours


and then gradually…




started to move ever so gently


and the tomb                  became a womb




and over time


                as the work

         took shape and form


this inexplicable state

            of pure stillness and silence

                           showed up


freeing me from


            the tomb             and             the womb






my friend’s mother dying process

is hanging heavy on my mind


especially when I witness

her husband of sixty years

watching his sweetheart fade away ~


            he loses his footing

            and stumbles into darkness ~


my only hope is


            to see him once again

            with the sparkle in his eyes

            stroll down the corridors

            of this assisted living place


he now calls home…




suspended in no~man's land


we watch as death slowly

inches in for the take ~


and all I can say is

how perfectly natural

          it all seems




…and as we stand watch over her


            holding hands

            caressing forehead

            moistening lips

            whispering loving words ~


she flutters her eyes


           ...a breath barely breathed...


                        and dies peacefully


                                    in her beloved’s arms




morning reflections 

       free to be ~




the one and only


  the only one


who wakes up




each morning


     and happily says


to practically no one                                    and to absolutely every one



                                                           ! G O O D   M O R N I N G !







being human ~


happy      sad      angry      vibrant      kind      soft      depressed      loving      stubborn      hateful      hurt      lustful      content      sincere      confused      joyful      clear      stuck      lost      frustrated      excited      sexy      revengeful      doubtful      touched      playful      critical      bewildered      tender      thoughtful…


all that and so much more are packed in a single day’s span ~

no wonder why we sometimes feel so crazed






got guilt?

ask the secret question

So What?

and see how fast it evaporates

bringing a surprised smile

to your beautiful face



…got dysfunction?


the secret being

to take yourself




so tread lightly my friend

and as a teacher once said ~

whatever you are

wherever you are

however you are

you are perfectly fine ~






stumble into a paradox

and fall right into the truth






illusions are precious ~

they mirror precisely where we are in our life’s journey






is there anything you really want to say?

why not say it now?


don’t try to think your way through it 


just keep sensing into it ~


it’s not something we do with our minds ~


it’s Intelligence moving effortlessly through us...






how we protect our minds!

for what?

from what?

from whom?






the problem is not all the thoughts we have

the problem is ~ if there is any ~

that we have no center from which thoughts can spring from ~


…when the center is established

all thoughts are a pleasure to behold






why do we want to be the one

when we are already that?


~ being the one is an inside job ~


looking outside of ourselves

for the one

or be the one in somebody else’s life


is a sure recipe for suffering






in our Aloneness


we are One


 with the All


We Are All       Oneness



and at the same time



We Are All So Utterly Unique





Chapter 3:  LOVE




…can’t help herself


            but             Love             


you and me



     and everything else

         with the same

        effortless way


   where all is illumined

           from within




where the heart of the Absolute


            meets the pure emptiness


                        of this Love


                                    and dissolves into


                                                infinite bliss…





from this wondrous place

            in my being


I sing

I dance

I smile






I love this life                       mine

                 this life of yours...

what's the difference anyway?




The Beloved

…when I heard my teacher say

that The Beloved is just

            another sacred cow

            as all the others


            my mind stopped dead in its tracks






what are you trying to do?

take everything away from me?

isn’t there anything I can behold anymore?



                    N   O   T   H   I   N   G



holding Being in this way ~ you said


I miss this



                                    infinite moment

                                                of what I truly Am






why do we







when all along


            we are whole?




whole with what?










we want a Beloved...

            but we are afraid of intimacy


we want Intimacy...

            but we are afraid of merging


we want Merging...

            but we are afraid of commitment


we want Commitment...

            but we are afraid our Beloved will devour us whole ~                        


                                     you can count on it!




...this is about a Love so big

      it will obliterate you

            to smithereens...



...and then      ~      there you are...

           P u r e   L o v i n g




unconditional love 


when I heard that


             ‘unconditional love

                         is not

            unconditional license’


my mind went totally blank




…and yet I knew                 


            I needed to hear that ~




all I ask is


            to have the courage


                        to speak the truth







it’s a case of mistaken identity

where The Beloved is You

and not The Other

whom you’ve been longing for



…The Other is only An~Other expression

of The Beloved…


 and furthermore


we long to be loved

when all along

it is about

our heart’s deepest desire to


 Be Love


The Lover of Being


To Be The Beloved






when we use our beloved

as a touchstone

we loose ourselves


…maybe we have just forgotten

who we really are...






how to navigate, engage and enjoy

an intimate precious partnership

is the stuff of life   ~   isn’t it?


it is becoming a mature human being






                                                                                         to receive is as equal    

~ and sometimes even greater ~

than the ability to give






the more we stand up for ourselves and set boundaries

the more courageous and strong we become

~ and surprisingly enough ~

the more love there is to go around






absolute honesty and being real

is what our heart really loves








as I stood in the middle of the Labyrinth

from the center of my being 

 these words came bubbling up


‘Be Still and Know

That I Am

the Human Form’






Love is the air we breathe






True Love Resides In Freedom







Flaming Gorge, Wyoming

on this old forgotten bygone dirt road

in the middle of nowhere


the Flaming Gorge                     opens up before me

            like a vastness of spacious desertness ~


with nobody in sight

            only billowing clouds coasting by


I witness this most breathtaking site ~


on one side

            heat waves weaving their ways over this barren land

                       saturating the air with strong sagebrush smells


on the other

            impressive sandstone buttes         

                        standing sentinels to stillness ~


and in front of me

            the deepest blue of waters

                        reflecting the bluest of skies


saying Hi!


to this lone and wondrous traveler

who can’t help but smile big

      as happy as can be...




fall reflections at Willow Creek   

it’s beautiful out here

            at the edge of Willow Creek

                        in magical Crestone ~


bright plump clouds

            travel across

                        the Sangre de Cristos


as songs of the creek and the

rustle of the ashen~branched aspens

break the stilled silence

that's all around ~


leaves dance

their final pirouette

cascading down

tumbling ever so softly on 

            this ground

            this creek

            this pond ~





...on this most







the Dodgeville cabin 


there is this wonder

         of a place


a tiny cabin

            nestled into the edge of the woods


            on these outcrops

of Dane County’s countryside




            imposing granite cliffs


            hang over breezy spent fields


            as critters meander leisurely by…




here life is








…and I sit on the porch

   deeply immersed in


         the rhythms

         of this most


         ordinary day




snowy peaks

...surrounded by glorious high mountains


I am found

            in the middle

                        of a pristine meadow...


breathing in deeply

            the frosty tingly sky


my mind 








warmth             splendid sun drifts             quiet       


And The Mind Is Busy Trying To Find

Things To Do

Places To Go To

New Country Roads To Roam On


            nothing wrong with all this            mind you


…instead I stayed home

            in my tiny front yard


poppies blooming all around          little daisies happily showing their fresh sweet faces          warm currents smiling through me          tiny spiders spinning their silky ways          bees buzzing along their endless merry~go~rounds  


        sunshine everywhere…




one lone poppy

at the tip of a stem

            brightly orange and all

                        moving playfully

                                    as soft breezes touch

                                                her elegant petals 


~ no effort here ~


            just being who she is


                        one lone poppy in the breeze






                  silently I rest


body settling on an old fallen log


feasting on this small

            golden leafed

                        ripple of a pond




and as the day unfurls

            its boundless treats


                  a baby fly

 quietly settles on my page




                   …iridescently still…




                I can’t help but marvel


             how irresistibly beautiful


                                it all is




little insect


…in one spot

            one speck

                        so to speak


a dazzling






            from a wispy stretch of a leaf

                             ~ all alone ~





...then suddenly she stirs


            her luminous wings


                        and ever so lightly

                                    is taken by the wind




blue heron 


the lone blue heron

with its long

and curvy neck


            stands still ~


a reminder

of a long forgotten

watery flow




…reflecting on this quiet pond

            a mirror image


of a dreamlike



I take to be

            my very own




and my heart quivers

            watching this fluid heron


standing stillness                  of old






I look out my bedroom window

                and all I can see is


a canopied camellia tree

            in her glorious red and green attire

                        fluttering her lustrous leaves

                                    as the storm moves through her

                                                sending shivers up and down her silvery spine ~





and on this cold and blistery morning

 curled up in bed

I witness nature's boisterous beauty

taking my breath away









don’t you ever wonder whether the core of a black hole

is the Big Bang that bonged through it?!






have you ever considered

 that we and everything else

are pixels of light


each point translating

the Infinite into Form?







creation    ~    creature

what’s the difference?






       Existence expressing Itself through us with full awareness






each day is a brand new day ~

it’s just our minds

have not caught up with it yet






nothing is missing


it’s all present

right here

right now






everything is indivisible

except it’s invisible

in this visible world






                                                         the outer is the utter manifestation of the inner


and vice versa




Chapter 5:  PLEASURES


coming of age


a seagull just landed

            on my deck


and in front of me

            the endless Pacific Ocean

                        is glistening

                                    and ever changing ~




it's my 65th birthday        today

celebrating it with



                                    water ~




 a moment 

…so simple

            so precious

                        so surprising ~


a warm soothing breeze

floats through the open windows

of this old and comfortable

            on~the~road~again car


stopped on the top

   of a rolling hill


looking out towards the expansive plains

with the back~dropped~snow~capped Front Range…





             we are art in motion









the way we look through

these most beautiful eyes of ours 


spilling out

            sparkly beings ~


                                    Vibrant Visual Artists in Action





…this is fun


putting pen on paper

and letting it flow ~


who knows what will

come out on this

virgin parchment ~






who knows?




it’s like this

one moment overtaken by bliss

            the next              overtaken by a cop

                    with a traffic ticket to boot ~


                        the difference is this


the first moment                              extraordinary

the second                                            quite ordinary


and which one do you think                                                                                             

brings a smile to my face?


      !the ordinary!


and you know why?


because now             at each stop sign


            I break completely ~


            take my sweet time ~


            breathe deeply ~


...and just like that               fall right back

                           into bliss!







in the sun rays        the heat        the sweetness        the wind chimes

the fragrant flowers        the cool shade        the stillness…


and the heart

            content beyond

                        all knowing


gives thanks and blessings


to this ever~brilliant



                                                            of what is...




sun worshiper 

            sunlight warming my back


filling my senses

            to the brim ~


and I cannot tell

            whether my skin is 

                        but a sunray’s beam...





H e a r t     ~    E a r t h 

containing each other's holy letters

lovinbgly cuddled within them

a wholly wild world


                 A R T


...gracing us all













  ~ slow down and relax ~

you have nothing to loose

but your mind






c’mon ~ change things around your house ~

move stuff over to different places ~

loosen up those conventional strings

and see how delightful it all feels






our dear computers        smartphones        tablets

and all related electronic gadgets…


could we please leave them alone for a day?


they too need a break you know!






my three~year~old grandson said

‘the moon is god’s flashlight!’

he also said

‘I am empty of words…’






we’ve framed ourselves

with edged lines and flat surfaces

while all along our bodies

are curved and rounded sensualities






as we open to our senses

more sensibilities pour through






they tell you to be

considerate      good      kind      loving…


 are you?      to you?    






              what are we doing here?            

you might ask


…maybe dance this glorious dance

and paint ourselves silly?






do you sometimes feel that we are all participating

in some cosmic~comely~comedy?






Physical Matter                     Matters




Infinity’s                    Density






Spooning Your Lover








Chapter 6:  FREEDOM


showing up


I asked an elderly friend of mine

teetering on the edge of poverty


             ‘how do you do it?’


                   and he said


               ‘I just show up…’


and I have since found out

that this 'showing up' business

is what’s needed

in everything I do




with the hard parts

        of my life


helping me through

     the dire straits


that inevitably         

            do show up




…and as I engage with the unknown


           a quickening happens ~


‘cause showing up

holds this basic ingredient of




surpassing anything

I consciously know






one of the great secrets to freedom

             which renders us







            ~ is the great fall ~


it’s as inevitable

as the air we breathe

         my friend


so let it rip ~


            there’s nothing to loose


but our   notions





which keep us separate

         and in place ~


and the secret to all this?


            more trust     




…and in this radical trusting time


        we begin to follow

      our own unique path


opening us up to new vistas

of sweeping currents

and powerful surges


leaving us

hopeless and helpless                      but of another kind




…and without us doing anything

            this surrendering

                        begins to stir up


and we get the inkling 

what was needed all along

was our mere willingness


to start following

            the only path

                        there is ~


                                    this pathless path




and as we allow

            the path

                        to unfold


we get to a place

where this path

and those of others


              mix and mingle


creating an inexplicable






of such intense beauty


that this lightness of being

pierces right through us


setting us

            and everyone around us








the id becomes this entity

            and a whole new world is created




we take this id~entity

            to be who we are

                        pretending to know reality




…while all along       Reality

            beckons us ever so quietly

                        to our true identity


the Ultimate Reality of what we Really Are




R e m e m b e r?






I am bared naked


            stripped from dreams and hopes


                        especially all expectations


                                    that keep me in place…




I am free to be


            with you and me


            right here                 in this moment











...as more and more freedom

seeps into my being

the happier I feel ~


the happier I feel

the more and more freedom

lightens up my day ~


and I find that this big love

is living a human life





lying in bed ~


        still ~


                attending breath ~



what am I?


                                      S i l e n c e...




The Unknown 

feeling The Unknown


deeply feeling It ~


is the answer         


                                    to our seeking…






…always confused…


do I take myself seriously


do I take myself lightly




which one to tread upon

which one to take to heart

which one to follow...




…and the answer

            appeared unhindered

                        one cold and sunny morning

                                    while in bed             in the warmth

                                                of my aloneness…




taking myself absolutely seriously           as the Infinite

knowing It ~ tasting It ~ sensing It

through and through


is essential…


taking myself lightly

is how I then             walk into the world




this world             with her own Infinite             Light~hearted ways...





…what’s that you ask ~




            it’s the brilliant rays of the settling sun

            or the musty smells of a misty forest


or maybe


       it’s this subtle bright flame             

          burning at the center

 of our strong and loving heart


consuming             up             everything


                  into our original face 



freedom             playing with             freedom




the question

"Speak to me," said silence

"What about?" asked word


"Oh, this and that..."

"And then what?" asked word


"Just to know where to go

With all this infinite space

I have in my soul," said silence


"Well then," said word


"You already know my dear One.

You are the light

We all have been yearning for...


You are in the midst of It All."






            it starts with

                        the infinity sign


moving my whole body

like a rhythmical


                        dance of…


this sensuality


pouring out

through the curves

            of this infinite body


where everything

is speeding

            standing in



showing me silence

as its center


where everything

            is vibrating and electrifying


rendering the Absolute                  Obsolete






                oh! how we long to belong

                  in one way or another ~


to find that special knowing place of being




                        and totally loved




     ...and I wonder whether...






   is not our heart’s deepest desire for the


                     Longing to Be...


and for that to happen            we are asked


                 to Be that Longing...




I, Pure Awareness  


shift your attention

            and rest

                     on the felt sense of


                                  PURE AWARENESS 


                               INFINITE                  ETERNAL                  










…Pure Awareness      Pure Consciousness      Pure Knowing      Reality      Light      Silence      The Absolute      The Divine      All That Is      Source      Essence      The Universe      Presence      Intelligence      Luminous Darkness      True Nature      The Logos      Existence      The Force      Great Spirit      Self      Truth      Freedom      Love      Happiness      Peace      Beauty...




One Infinite Eternal Word For It All









Infinity infusing Its affinity through the presumably finite You






do you want to know who you really are?

just sit quietly           breathe deeply         take your time          ask


Who Am I?


the very second you ask that question

you’ll know ~


…and if you find you are






you have made it to first base!






what the 'eye' sees

is All that 'I' Am ~

It's Awareness 

looking through Its own eyes...






having and making choices

does not mean that we are in control


…and what about free will?


we think that we have that too?

well think again my good friend






transcendence seekers:

here’s an axiom for us ~


in becoming immanent

~ being fully in our lovely lively body ~

transcendence becomes imminent






when we are contracted we are lost ~

when we are relaxed we are in the flow 

~ we are Home ~






one of freedom’s secret ~


they say that whatever you resist       persists


so why not dive right into it

and see what it is?






  calling all souls

to communion        with what is

  nothing less                        nothing more






what you look at is what you get

~ but ~

what you see      is what set you free






our core is empty space






emptying        ~        and emptying some more


no end to this emptying it seems






settling on this groundless ground




Freedom In Love With Life And Light



freedom is who i am

            it is what i am

it is what i value the most ~


and to come to this realization


                                                    i had to move through


              mountains and valleys                                    of immense courage


swim upstream through raging currents                      of bitter tears




in the midst of it all

            this aliveness kept flowing through

                        informing my life            in the most loving of ways




...and so it was

            how happiness              unexpectedly

                               made herself known…                        




so my dear dearest of friends


What Is It In Life That You Value The Most?


(to Adya with great affection)






this is what I know for now…


Freedom is being the author of one’s own life, having inner authority and



in an authentic

and loving way 


~ the clincher here is ~


if I think I am the sole author of my life

I am called back again and again  ~

'cause I am shown the world over

there’s more to IT than can be imagined!






final thoughts...


when we feel that things are falling apart

   maybe                  just maybe     

~ instead ~

they are falling into place…


a gentle shift in perspective

is all our soul needs to relax...